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Croatia’s history is vast and complex. The region Croatia inhabits has been occupied since prehistoric times. Greeks and Romans fought over this land, swinging back and forth. In addition, the lands have joined and disbanded from several countries, including Yugoslavia and Hungary. 1991 proved to be the year of independence for Croatia, finally becoming its own country. Today, Croatians live in prosperity, their economy booming. Most people work in the service industry. Wine is also hugely popular to grow because of the ideal climate, and vineyards have popped up all over this lovely landscape.

The water of the Adriatic Sea, washing the mainland coastline of 1278 km and the coast of the islands of more then 5000 km, is one of the three leaders in the purity of sea beaches (according to EEA research - European Enviromental Agancy). No industrial facilities were built on the Croatian coast, the sea coast has always been a resort with clear water, which is fed by clean mountain streams and the streams originating in the mountains of the Dinar Highlands and the Velebit massif is enriched with useful natural salts and minerals.

Off the coast of Croatia, there are more than 1000 beautiful islands (Approx 1244 island, islets and cliffs),and only 48 of them are uninhabited.

Croatia is literally encircled with dive sites. From walls to wrecks to rocky reefs, there’s something here for divers of all levels. The Adriatic sea it’s the closest warm water diving destination to Eastern Europe, and diving is possible all year. Croatia's underwater world is known for amazing wall dives and rocky reefs covered with beautiful gorgonians. The craggy coastline and relatively shallow water underpin an underwater world with enough variety to make this a great dive destination.

How can you get there?

Dubrovnik (DBV), Split (SPU) and Zadar (ZAD) are the major airports. Once in the country, get around via Bus or Ferry. If you buy your tickets at the tisak, or the news stands, you will get a discounted price off the ticket.

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