Dive in Korcula

Some of the best & most famous scuba diving journalists and underwater photographershave described the underwater world in Korcula, one of the most interesting and complex marine environments in the whole of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic sea.

For qualified divers, we can offer: Cave Diving, Cavern Diving, Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Boat Diving, U/W Photograhy, U/W Videography, Reef and Wall Diving.

The rich and varied marine life in Korcula includes octopus, barracuda, moray eels, crayfish, langusta, white bream, bluefish, dolphins, greater amberjacks, Scorpion fish, Spiny Lobsters, Cuttlefish, parrotfish and a multitude of other colourful reef fish.

The average crystal clear waters has a visibility ranging from 20-40 meters, these conditions offer ideal opportunities for underwater videography and photography, as well as some great recreational diving!

All of our dives are supervised and lead by dive professionals. Our policy is to have fun while keeping safe. A dive trip with us includes a briefing about the dive site to be visited such as topography, key points of the site, marine life, and general safety rules on the boat, and in the water.

Click on the map to see Korcula Island...

 Become weightless in an alien habitat, mingling with the myriad of creatures that float by – discover a whole new world, just waiting for you!


 With a British owned Diving Club that offers a full range of diving activities from Try dives to Boat Dives and Courses. They are a great multilingual team of Instructors to teach and guide to your needs and to teach courses according to dive standards. Safety is our No1 priority. They are well known for there family like atmosphere and flexibility. They are a unique and fine dive center.

They are the ideal choice for your personal and unique holiday on the Adriatic Sea and to support you in all aspects of your diving holiday.

What we can offer...

  • Daily Diving (Boat)
  • Ocean Diver Course
  • Discover Scuba Diving  (Try Dive)
  • Hotel Accomadation
  • Dive Package Deals
  • Personilised Dive Trips
  • Snorkling Boat Trip
  • Rentle Equipment
  • Night Dives
  • Cylinder refills
  • Other Tours Around Korcula (Just Ask)

For Certified Divers...

Single Boat Dive

  •  With Full Equipment Hire                                                          390 Kuna

  •  Cylinder & weightbelt hire only                                                 270 Kuna

  •  Dive only                                                                                    215 Kuna

Two Dives Same Day

  • With Full Equipment Hire                                                         605 Kuna

  • Cylinder & weightbelt hire only                                               490 Kuna

  • Dives only                                                                                 430 Kuna

10 DIVES PACKAGE (2 dives per day)


  • With Full Equipment Hire                                                          2720 Kuna

  • Cylinder & weightbelt hire only                                                2205 Kuna

  • Dives only                                                                                  1935 Kuna


  • Additional Night Dive                                                                260  Kuna

  •  Refresher Dive (Shore Dive)                                                     325  Kuna                      

Prices Are Per Person and Subject to Availability & Should Provide Certification Card

For Non Certified Divers...

Try Dive

  • A first time experience, 1 on 1 with an instructor (Shore Dive)   250 Kuna


Ocean Diver Course

  • 1st level, 5 days, inclusive of all training material and all the necessary equipment for the course with three months free membership & Insurance

3450 Kuna

For More BSAC Courses (Please Ask)

All  course Prices includes full equipment rentle

“The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau