Dive in Hvar

Diving In Hvar

Hvar boasts over 15 beautiful locations, offering something for

everyone – from newly certified Open Water divers through to our most experienced recreational divers and professionals. Most are located within the divine archipelago of Pakleni (Paklinski) Islands, which sadly became known as the ‘Hell Islands’ after a wrongful translation of the Croatian word ‘paklina’ (meaning resin). A 10-20 minute boat ride will have you gearing up and ready to dive, with the furthest site being just short of an hour.

Hvar Island

With its cultural and historical heritage, Hvar island is one of the oldest and the richest regions of the entire Adriatic coast and Croatia. It has been famous since the antique because of its important strategic and nautical position, the rich of the various historical periods, the culture and natural monuments and the literature.

Tourist attractions on Hvar island are also numerous cultural and historical monuments, churches, town squares, local parks, caves, fortresses as a testimony of its glorious past.

Hvar is also known as Croatian Madeira, offering a diverse and captivating experience both above and below the water. The name of the island is without doubt is Greek in origin, from Pharos (lighthouse) from it the Romans derived the name Pharia. 

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 Become weightless in an alien habitat, mingling with the myriad of creatures that float by – discover a whole new world, just waiting for you!


 With a European owned PADI / SSI center that offers a full range of PADI / SSI Courses from Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster and much much more. With a great multilingual team of Instructors to teach and guide to your needs and to teach courses according to PADI / SSI standards, Safety is our No1 priority. They are well known for there great and friendly atmosphere and flexibility and for sure the best dive center in Hvar.

We are the ideal choice for your personal and unique holiday in Hvar, and always here to support you in all aspects of  your diving holiday our Motto is come as a guest, Leave as a friend.

What we can offer...

  • Daily Diving (Boat)
  • Full Range Of  PADI / SSI Courses 
  • Discover Scuba Diving Program (2 Dives)
  • Specialized PADI Kids Programs 
  • Hotel Accomadation
  • Dive Package Deals
  • Speciality Courses (Please Ask)
  • Personilised Dive Trips
  • Snorkling Boat Trips
  • Rentle Equipment
  • Night Dives
  • Other Tours Around Hvar (Just Ask)

For Certified Divers...

For Non Certified Divers...

  • Only Passenger On Boat (Subject to Availability) 250 Kuna
  • Half Day Snorklling (Included Equiptment) 450 Kuna 
  • Full Day Snorklling (Included Equiptment) 900 Kuna 
  • BUBBLEMAKER for kids under 10 yrs old (Beach) 580 Kuna 
  • INTRODUCTORY DIVE 10yrs or above (1 x Beach Dive) 580 Kuna

  • DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING PROGRAM (10 yrs or above) 900 Kuna

Price includes full equipment rental. 2 Dives (1 x Beach / 1 Boat) with a Instructor and few underwater skills.

  • SCUBA DIVER COURSE (2 - 3 Full Days, Certified to 12 mts) 2150 Kuna
  • OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE (3 - 4 Days) 3100 Kuna
  • ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER (2 - 3 Days) 2250 Kuna
  • Rescue Diver Course (3-4 Days) 2500 Kuna
  •           EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE (EFR 1 Day) 1800 Kuna
  • PADI Divemaster Course 5600 Kuna     


All  course Prices from Scuba Diver to Open Water Course includes full equipment rental

other courses Equiptment Hire is 250 Kuna Per Day .

          All certification or  touch manual Fees  cost Approx 119 Euro (Please Ask)

  • Single Boat Dive (tanks and weights only) 330 Kuna
  • 2 Boat Dives (Tank And Weights Only) 660 Kuna
  • 1 Beach Dive (Included Equiptment) 415 Kuna

  • Scuba Review Program (Dive Theory, 1 shore dive plus 1 Boat Dive)

880 HRK

  • Check Dive (Shore Dive plus skill presentation, full equipment included)

415 Kuna (Shore Dive) 

  • 2 Days Diving Package (2 Dives Per Day) 1250 Kuna
  • 3 Days Diving Package (2 Dives Per Day) 1820 Kuna
  •  4 Days Diving Package (2 Dives Per Day) 2325 Kuna

  • Night Dive (Min 3 Pax) 750 Kuna
  • Private Guide Dive (Min 2 Pax ) 825 Kuna
  • Cylinder Refills 8 Kuna per Litres
  • Equiptment Rentle (Computer, BCD, Reg, Wetsuit) 75 Kuna Per Piece

  • Full Equipment Rental (Torch and dive computer not included)

165 Kuna Per Dive or  250 Kuna Per Day

See if you can dive by checking the diving medical form! 

"For most people, this is as close to being an astronaut as you’ll ever get. It’s leaving planet Earth behind and entering an alien world."

Mary Frances Emmons