Egypt Liveaboards

Free PADI NITROX COURSE with every liveaboard booking. (Not Included Elearning Fees)

Egypt and the Red Sea have no shortage of amazing dive sites. From the famous Ss.Thistlegorm to the Straits of Tiran, Brothers and Ras Mohammed National Park, the best of Egypt’s dive sites are only reachable by liveaboard. Four major ports of departure, namely Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam, give divers access to the many diving areas of Egypt. Most of the liveaboard cruises in Egypt last between 6 and 10 nights. ScubaDreamz offer a large number of high-quality liveaboards for online booking. Most of these are VERY budget/friendly & offer luxurious amenities. 

Liveaboard diving is considered by many experienced divers the best way to enjoy dive vacations. Sometimes jumping aboard a dive safari is the only way to reach remote areas, dive charters allow you to explore vast areas and dive different parts of a country.


Egypt, well known for its historical wrecks, is additionally a destination for lovers of big marine life. Apart from grey, white and black tip reef sharks, oceanic whitetips, hammerheads, tigers and thresher sharks can also be encountered. Whale sharks, manatees and dolphins make an occasional appearance. The reef life is also astounding. There are over 800 species of fish with at least 10% of these found nowhere else in the world. Dive sites in Egypt are as variable as the marine life. You’ll see sheer walls, shallow reefs, deep wrecks, pinnacles and open ocean drifts. There is diving for every level, but many Egyptian liveaboards require a number of logged dives. Furthermore, due to excellent visibility and easy access to excess depths, Egypt is a popular destination for tec divers. Do keep in mind that the Red Sea is a highly salinated body of water. Therefore, you may need to adjust your weight to compensate for the added buoyancy. Note that many liveaboards in Egypt may require an advanced, tec or wreck diver certification due to the dive sites visited during the itinerary.

There are some reasons why experienced divers prefer to dive from a diving boat rather than staying at a land-based accommodation. Let’s go through them.

  • UNIQUE DIVE DESTINATIONS: Some of the world's best dive locations are far from the coast and can only be reached by Liveaboard. 

  • THE BEST SITES: Even when you can go to a resort, you’re quite limited by the range local dive boats can travel. This fact can dramatically diminish the number of accessible dive sites. With a liveaboard, you’ll explore a much bigger area and you’ll be diving in the best dive sites the whole area has to offer, not just the ones you can reach from shore.

  • MORE DIVING: With a land-based dive operator, you can usually do a maximum of 3 dives a day (4 with some rare exceptions). When you dive from a dive safari, usually the minimum number of dives per day is 3, but often you’ll be diving 5 times each day.

  • MORE CONVENIENT: On most of the liveaboards, you prepare your equipment on the first day and disassemble it on the last one. There’s no need to prepare your BCD for each dive and no need to carry your equipment around.

  • MEET NEW PEOPLE:  Diving is not only about diving, but it’s also about meeting people and exploring new places. Dive safaris occur in quite confined areas where it is very easy to meet new people and make new friends.

What we can offer...

S.S Thistlegorm...

  • 3 Meals & Soft Drinks Per Day
  • 3 to 4 Dives Per Day
  • One Great Time 
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Safety and Standards first
  • Awesome Diving
  • Help You With Photography
  • Clean Boats
  • Full Medical / Safety Equiptment
  • Great Food
  • Relaxed Time
  • Rentle Equipment Available
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Airport Transfers Included
  • Night Dives

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